January will be cold, that much is clear.
That’s why we are organizing sleeping places.
For this, but also for the planning of the food we need, we are dependent on knowing approximately how many people participate in the winter hike for climate justice.

We therefore ask you to register. This will make planning easier for us.

Larger groups that travel together to the hike:

Write us an e-mail at groups(at)strike-wef.org with the number of people and the data in which you participate.
We can also help you to plan your journey.

Individuals / smaller groups

Please sign up by using this form
(if you already signed up by sending an e-mail to list(at)strike-wef.org you don’t need to fill out the form)
If you don’t want to use your real e-mail adress, just insert something like no@mail.org

Tips for privacy when signing up:

  • We don’t need your (real) names.
  • Use Tor Browser
  • Write encrypted e-mails, see PGP keys behind the e-mail addresses above.