If you plan to arrive from abroad on Friday 17.1.20, please contact us:

Meeting points Sat 18.1.2020

For people coming from outside of Switzerland, please come to one of those meeting points:

Info point Zurich:
At the Other Davos Conference, Volkshaus Zurich, Stauffacherstrasse 60, 1st floor 10:00-20:00.

Info point Bern:
During the Tour de Lorraine-Workshops, Cultural Center Progr Bern, Speichergasse 4, 11:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 20:00 (in between we are at a demonstration against  WEF – details here:

Info point Chur:
In the “Kabinett der Visionäre”, from 17:00 to 23:00:
Kabinett der Visionäre, Sägenstrasse 75, 7001 Chur
If you need a place to sleep in Chur from 18.1. to 19.1., please contact us beforehand at graubuenden(at)

If you need a place to sleep on Saturday, 18.1. please register in advance:

Meeting points 19.1.2020 – 21.1.2020

Sunday, 19.1.2020: Noon, Bahnhofplatz Landquart (square at Landquart train station)

Monday, 20.1.2020: 8:30 a.m., Schiers railway station

Tuesday, 21.1.2020: 10:00 a.m., at the square in front of Hotel Silvretta Klosters → It is essential to bring your own food for the day!

For the demonstration in Davos: Tuesday, 21.1.2020: 3:00 p.m., Rathausplatz, Davos

Ski tour

Tuesday 21.1.2020, more informations:


We recommend travelling by train. Unfortunately, during the WEF, there may be identity checks and certain trains may get cancelled at the last minute. Therefore, it is recommended to try and arrive as early as possible.

Train travel in Switzerland is quite expensive. However, there is the possibility to buy a budget ticket, so it is more or less payable. The ticket is only valid for the exact train and is much cheaper. You have to download the “SBB” app and register with your credit card to buy budget tickets. Budget tickets are not transferable.

What to bring


  • ID / passport / identity papers are recommended (in Switzerland, refusal to disclose personal data is rather difficult, see legal information)
  • Good (winter) hiking boots, waterproof
  • Warm clothing
    • Long thermal underwear (pants and shirt) ,wool or synthetic
    • 3 pairs of very warm socks
    • Sweaters
    • well insulating middle layer: fleece, down, etc.
    • Weatherproof warm jacket (rain jacket or ski jacket)
    • Robust trousers
    • Rain trousers or ski pants
    • Scarf, cap and gloves (thick and thin)
  • Backpack, and large light bag for possible luggage transport
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Insulating sleeping mat
  • Ear plugs (for sleeping in the dormitory)
  • Thermos for hot drinks
  • Headlamp, Flashlight
  • Rescue blanket (gold/silver foil)
  • Mat to sit on (e.g. foam mat 50×50 cm)
  • Medication that you need regularly, for the period of the hike and a few extra days, in case of being detained.
  • Food (food and snacks for one day, dried food is best, as food with high water content can freeze) – unfortunately we cannot guarantee food supply without any glitches.
  • Isolate still water (min. 1 litre) in wool socks from cold, also can be used for washing out eyes.
  • Cash for train tickets, donations for food, action material and action costs. Recommendation: CHF 100.

If possible:

  • Umbrella (preferably with political message and small (mini/tote size)
  • Swimming goggles/scuba dive mask – In the (unlikely) event that the police use rubber bullets. unclear whether it might be confiscated, or you might be expelled for it*
  • First aid kit for minor injuries
  • Banners, banners, signs (no party and oranisational flags please)
  • Books, card games, etc. for long evenings and possible waiting times
  • Robust musical instruments

Make sure that your luggage is not too heavy. You must be able to hike with it.

What you should leave at home:

  • Everything that contains information about you and that you don’t necessarily need in the action (e.g. calendars, private phones, etc.)
  • Anything that can be construed as a weapon
  • Camera (enough pictures are taken by professional photographers
  • Think twice about wearing jewelry that may prove uncomfortable in case of interaction with the police
  • In the (unlikely) event that the police use tear gas or pepper spray, it is better not to use grease creams or make-up and not to wear contact lenses.
  • And of course, alcohol and drugs have no place in an action!

*it is unclear whether it can be forbidden for people to protect their eyesight. Whether protective goggles are covered by the following condition, we would like to clarify in court if necessary.
“[…] protective clothing suitable for confrontations with security forces is also not permitted. Such items may be removed by the security forces. – Persons who wish to bring objects of the above-mentioned kind to Davos may be prohibited from entering Davos.

Legal information

Together with the “Demokratische Jurist*innen” and the Antireps Bern + Zurich we have compiled a reader on the legal situation during the winter hike:

legal info Deutsch

legal info English
legal info Francais

Print it, fold it and bring it with you!