For the 50th time, representatives from politics, business, science and the
media will meet at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland in
January 2020 and claim to improve the world.

However, the climate catastrophe is largely caused by the 1,000 largest
companies around the world who are members of the WEF. Those who travel to Davos in
limousines or helicopters have failed. But we are serious about the demand for
climate justice, which is why we will put on our hiking boots and walk to Davos.

The environmental movement has gained breadth and strength through the climate strikes. As part of the “by 2020 we rise up” campaign, the year 2020 is to be
used to bring about urgently needed changes so that future generations of humans
and animals can find a planet worth inhabiting. The winter hike is part of the
international climate movement.

The economically most powerful people will gather in Davos and determine what is
going to happen in the world. They have never cared about the climate or about
social issues. Their concept of economics is to maximize profits by exploiting
the environment, people and animals. They are directly and indirectly
responsible for wars, refugees, and hunger.

We hike to Davos to show what is important to us. Pressure from the grassroots
will bring about political change and does not rely on dialogue with WEF
participants, because we have noticed the following:

• Climate change has serious ecological, social and economic consequences.

• It’s time for the economic bosses to step down, because they exclusively
represent their own interests.

• The companies represented at the WEF no longer have any right to exist in their current form because they are destroying our livelihoods.

• It is high time to act. What is needed are courageous political decisions
that force business to take climate protection measures to fulfill the
objectives of the Paris Agreement.

◦ No investments that are harmful to the climate, no profits from
economic activities that hurt the climate, towards a democratisation of
the economy.

◦ Infinite growth is not possible! – System Change, not Climate Change!

Winter hike: We will hike from Landquart to Davos over three days, via Schiers and Klosters. We plan to arrive in Davos on the opening day of the WEF, 21st
January 2020.

The first day should be accessible to most – regardless of age and physical
fitness level. The final two days will be more physically demanding and you will
need good clothes and a sleeping bag suitable for sub-zero temperatures.
We are happy if more people join us on the way, be it in Schiers, Klosters or
upon arrival in Davos!

Davos is everywhere…
Protest and resistance against the politics of globalisation, against the
ignorance of the powerful towards the climate catastrophe should not be limited
to these summit meetings. They can and should take place everywhere across the
globe. The members of WEF influence politics every day from their company
headquarters. In order to stop the climate crisis, we need to protest, resist
and develop alternatives everywhere, all the time.

World Economic Failure!
The World Economy Failed to save the climate
The World Economy Failed to care for the planet
The World Economy Failed to deliver climate justice
The World Economy Failed to secure our future
The World Economy Failed to maintain our livelihoods
The World Economy Failed to solve the climate crisis