The winter hike has reached Davos. The protest continues!

The winter hike has reached Davos. The protest continues!

We’ve done it! Within three days, more than 1500 activists* walked the almost 50 km from Landquart to Davos.

We are overwhelmed by the energy and solidarity we experienced during the winter hike for climate justice.
Many thanks to all who were there and supported us on the way or in advance <3

The symbolism of the street

On Tuesday there was a one-hour blockade of the road on the way. A large part of the hike wanted to continue on the cantonal road to Davos. Police forces tried to prevent this, which resulted in a long traffic jam all the way to Klosters.

The road to Davos stands as a symbol for the path that the WEF foresees for the world economy. The neoliberal logic of growth is destroying the basis of life for all people. The activists have taken this road today to pave the way for climate justice.

No reason to rejoice

The day we arrived in Davos, the 50th edition of the World Economic Failure began. This is truly no reason for joy. We call on the WEF members to step down and make room for climate justice and democratisation of the economy.

It is high time for action. Bold political decisions are needed to force the economy to take climate protection measures so that at least the goals of the Paris Agreement can be achieved.

◦ no climate-damaging investments, no profits with climate-damaging economic activities, towards a democratisation of the economy.

◦ There is no growth without end! – “System Change not Climate Change!”

More about why 50 years of WEF is enough.

The WEF, like the Climate Change Conference in Madrid last December, will go ahead without significant results. Our protest will therefore continue.
The second wave of By 2020 We Rise Up has just begun!

The winter hike has reached Davos. The protest continues!