Press release: Protesters demand abolition of  the WEF

Press release: Protesters demand abolition of the WEF

Strike WEF winter hike reaches Davos +++ Protesters demand abolition of the WEF +++ Capitalism incompatible with climate justice

Just in time for the start of the 50th edition of the WEF, more than 600 activists are setting out on the last stage of the winter hike for climate justice.

The hike takes various routes to Davos. Part of the group hikes from Klosters via Cavadürli to Laret. Others travel this route by train because the hiking trail is physically very demanding. From Laret on, the hike will continue on the winter hiking trail to Davos Platz. In addition, a ski tour with 40 people has started early in the morning.

The meeting point for all these groups is the rally in Davos at 3 pm. Even after two days, the activists are not tired and motivated to bring their demands to Davos with the hike or the ski tour.

“The WEF represents an economic system that causes social injustice and the climate crisis. It cannot be part of the solution! The system leads to a dead end. 50 years of empty promises are enough. It’s time to get rid of the WEF and capitalism!”says Mitra Tavakoli, media spokeswoman for Strike WEF.

“We don’t have demands to the WEF, we want to abolish it. The WEF prides itself on having invited the Club of Rome years ago. This is not a quality criterion, it is obviously hypocritical! The WEF members have led the world into a catastrophic state.” adds Payal Parekh, also a media spokeswoman.

The Grisons authorities have not authorized the hike on the cantonal road for the last day. People who are committed to preserving our livelihood are therefore taking hiking trails. Meanwhile, the elite, who will meet at the WEF, will travel to Davos on the cantonal road.

“We have to fight for our cause against resistance. Our planned route on the road for today was not authorized and we will therefore reach Davos on other routes. The climate justice movement won’t be stopped that easily,” says Payal Parekh.

Strike-WEF Media Team

Strike-WEF Medien Team

Press release: Protesters demand abolition of the WEF