Strike WEF: Over 1000 activists are on their way to Davos!

Strike WEF: Over 1000 activists are on their way to Davos!

More than 1000 people have set out after the opening rally in Landquart to protest against the elite responsible for the climate crisis, who will gather at the WEF starting Tuesday, and to demand a system change.

Our three-day winter hike for climate justice began today with an opening rally in Landquart. More than 1000 people gathered at 12 noon at the Landquart station square.
There were speeches, music and food on a collection basis. Afterwards the hike started towards Schiers, the destination of the first stage. On Tuesday, the hike will reach Davos, where the 50th and last edition of the WEF will begin. The World Economic Forum is the meeting point for those who are mainly responsible for global injustice and the climate catastrophe. It is time for those responsible to step down, because they are destroying the livelihood of all of us: We demand a systemic change, because in a finite world, there is no growth without end.

Tomorrow Monday we will continue from Schiers to Klosters and on Tuesday we will walk the last few kilometres from Klosters to Davos. We are convinced that we will reach our goal and that we can carry our protest to Davos.


What does the hike want?
We want to build up pressure from below to bring about political change, and we do not rely on dialogue with the WEF participants, because we realize

• Climate change has serious ecological, social and economic consequences.

• It’s time for the economic bosses to step down, because they exclusively
represent their own interests.

• The companies represented at the WEF no longer have any right to exist in their current form because they are destroying our livelihoods.

• It is high time to act. What is needed are courageous political decisions
that force business to take climate protection measures to fulfill the
objectives of the Paris Agreement.

◦ No investments that are harmful to the climate, no profits from
economic activities that hurt the climate, towards a democratisation of
the economy.

◦ Infinite growth is not possible! – System Change, not Climate Change!

On the way, various events will take place that thematically deal with the demands of StrikeWEF:

Climate change – what to do?
19 January 2020, 19:00
Palottis Education Centre, Palottisweg 4, Schiers
What are the consequences of climate change in Graubünden? And what can be done to stop global warming? Discussion with Anita Mazzetta (WWF Graubünden), Thomas Roffler (Farmers’ Association Graubünden), representative* of the Graubünden climate strike

WEF companies and the climate
20 January 2020, 19:00
Arena Klosters, Doggilochstrasse 51, 7250 Klosters

What do the WEF’s corporations have to do with climate change, inequality and the weakening of multilateralism? Discussion with Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace International Director, Harris Gleckman, UMass-Boston Sr. Fellow, Njoki Njehu, Fight Inequality Pan-Africa Coordinator, Silva Lieberherr, Multiwatch , Mattia, Collective Climate Justice, Basel and Luisa Neubauer, Fridays For Future.



Strike WEF: Over 1000 activists are on their way to Davos!